Rohan Sagar is an ethnomusicologist who was born in Lethem, Guyana, and lived his formative years in his nation's hinterland regions. His fascination with music began in the Barima River, Region One, when he lived as a youth with his maternal grandparents and interacted with a family of the Warao Nation. This fascination grew as he continued to explore the musics of Guyana's African and Southeast Asian ethnic populations. Rohan wrote his MA at Future Generations University, West Virginia, and earned credits for PhD level courses at the University of Bergen (Cultural Policy and Heritage in the Digital Era, 2018) and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Western and Non-Western Education Philosophy and Policy, 2022). Rohan's investigation of the musics of Guyana will be further amplified through the digital humanities of which Digital Heritage GY is the first of his newer projects.